Madrid is

Madrid is entrepreneurial.


Madrid Lean City, an initiative supported by the EIE, promotes Madrid as an Early Stage Startup Hub. With close to 2.000 startups, 18 incubators, 52 accelerators, and 41 coworking spaces, the city has become a stimulating environment for entrepreneurs. With a cosmopolitan population composed of 6.3 million locals and 18 million tourists, it is also one of the most affordable and resourceful cities in the world. Madrid Lean City supports the exposure, collaboration, and growth of the Madrid ecosystem.


Promoting Madrid as an up-and-coming entrepreneurial ecosystem will change the world’s perception of the city, thereby increasing positive attention, potential investments, and international connections.


Actively working together within the city will foster stronger ties between distinct entrepreneurial institutions, startups, and individuals, therefore strengthening the impact of the ecosystem both locally and globally.


Building on the current upward trajectory of Madrid’s entrepreneurial scene in an intelligent, sustainable, and balanced manner will position the city as a major player and reference point for early stage startups around the world.

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